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It offers three positions: forward for fire, middle for safe bolt operation, and full rearwards to lock down the bolt and firing pin.Operation is easily achieved with your thumb while in a shooting position, although my personal preference is for a Sako-style safety.The quality of the external finish was exceptional, and I spent considerable time admiring the rifle and caressing the smooth lines and deep, crisp chequering.You can tell a lot about a rifle when splitting the woodwork from the metalwork, and I was keen to see if the external appearances of the Kimber were matched by equally impressive workmanship in marrying the stock to the action.The flat profiled stock shouldered wonderfully with heel and cheek drop ideally proportioned for my build, leading to a very comfortable head positioning through the 50mm objective scope.

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On dropping out the final fixings, the bedding still gripped the action firmly, requiring a tap with the palm of my hand to separate.Where many manufacturers simply cut down their long action design to accept smaller cartridges, Kimber believe in providing minimal dimensions tailored specifically to case design.