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06-May-2020 22:25

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Their hot chemistry in the film sparked rumor that both are dating and very serious about one another.Another source says, "Jennifer also attended a party after Mahakumbh's first episode was screened.Bips’ designer BFF Rocky S joined the table halfway through their meal and the evening continued at a leisurely pace.Of course, where there are actors, there must be drama — and so it was.It is said that Jennifer and Gautam came close during the shooting of ‘Saraswatichadra’ and going strong.

Once the audience watches it, they will know why I choose this film.

After all, Bips and Karan are co-starring in a film and that’s reason enough for them to be spending some time together.

The movie is titled ‘Alone’ and the irony of it isn’t lost on us.

Seated at another table by the entrance was Dino Morea, with a good-looking gal who may have been Shehnaz Treasurywala (she was shielded from view by a pillar, so we can’t be sure).

For those who have forgotten (because it has been a long, long time) Bips and the dishy Dino used to date.Bipasha has broken up with Harman Baweja and Karan is rumoured to be experiencing marriage-turbulence with Jennifer Winget.