Jewish dating non jews

03-Apr-2020 11:29

I've posted about this in the dating thread a while back..I never really got my answers... I'm concerned that inevitably, because I am not Jewish, that I will be shut out of his life and our relationship will end.He has said that while he and his parents would prefer that he eventually marry a Jewish girl that it is far more important that the girl he marries is a genuinely wonderful person.It depends on how religious he is and how much he cares about what his parents say. Wow I just wrote this whole long response and it disappeared on me! Firstly a somewhat derogatory term for a non jewish female is Shiksa, for a man it is Shaygitz.Their literal meaning is not positive, but they are used in everyday speech and have really lost their edge - depending on context of course.I don't recommend getting into a relationship if religion is important to the other person and not to you. If he's ok with that, don't worry about it anymore. BTW, there a scores of terms and special words for nonjews.

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Yes my parents are not too happy about it - but frankly it is my life - and he very obviously makes me happy.Go ahead and ask around, but ask a neutral party who will actually tell you (and who knows Yiddish). His brother married two non-Jewish wives also, but the second one (with whom he still lives) converted from Orthodox Christian to Jewish.