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27-Sep-2020 12:07

“There was some stuff going on in the press, but it didn’t come from a right source – obviously.

We’re very much in love.” Blunt was the Czech model’s first serious relationship since her longtime beau, photographer Simon Atlee, died in Thailand in the 2004 tsunami.

Speaking about how the show will continue without Eden, Nadia told The Sun Online that she's listening to what viewers want.

She said: “I've been reading what the fans have been saying on Twitter and they're all wanting Tom to step up and step through the ranks.

But it's not our fault James Blunt possesses a) a penchant for sleeping with spoiled celebrity skanks and b) a punny last name.

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The Sun Online exclusively revealed how dating expert Eden was dating Chanelle while he had a secret girlfriend at the same time.The model, 27, and the “You’re Beautiful” singer, 32, were last seen together over Oscar week in February, when they hit a slew of parties.They celebrated his birthday and also went to Elton’s John’s Oscar bash, where Blunt performed and Nemcova looked on.That’s why I always err on the side of caution and assume that anyone who feels the need to say they’re “just a normal, chill guy not looking for hookups,” is probably a mentally unstable lothario ready to break your heart and set your porch on fire. Looking for a number two,” is probably not a good move.

Same goes for the people who are excited to become parents but instead list that they’re “total child lovers,” a la Michael Scott from The Office.Chanelle told us how devastated she was when she saw Eden talking about his girlfriend of a year and a half on Loose Women.