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The subject of the teaching consisted of the thirty-seven wings of enlightenment.

After this, He left Vulture's Peak with Ananda to journey north.

Among them was Subhadra, a 120-year-old Brahmin, who was much respected, but whom Ananda had turned away three times.

However, Buddha called the Brahmin to His side, answered his questions concerning the six erroneous doctrines, and revealed to him the truth of the Buddhist teaching.

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However, their luster was completely outshone by Shakyamuni's radiance.This was a city where Shakyamuni had often stayed in the beautiful parks that had been offered to him.

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100-156 The attack on Gallipoli — Activity of submarines — The problem of the Straits of Otranto — Mine-sweeping vessels for the Dardanelles — Trawlers at work in the Straits of Gallipoli — Enforced retirement under heavy fire — Another unsuccessful attempt — A change in tactics — Essential aid to the army — The anti-submarine patrol — Rescue of the Serbian army— Sinking of an Austrian U-boat — Defending the Otranto Straits — The situation in the Mediterranean — Overworked fishermen relieved. 157-176 German successes in the Mediterranean — Concentration of the enemy in southern waters — Merchant vessels sunk without warning — Action of the Woodfield with a submarine — Spirited fight by the City of Marseilles — The enemy's blows at the communications of the Allies — The experience of the Clan Macleod — Sinking of the Clan Macfarlane — Terrible experiences of the crew at sea — Adrift for seven days... 177-203 Torpedoed without warning — Breach of pledge to the United States — A tragic scene — 334 lives lost — An American passenger's experiences — Another passenger's ordeal — Lord Montagu's tribute to the crew — Thirty hours without food or water...... 204-215 The sinking of the Coquet — Callous conduct of a submarine commander — Cast adrift 200 miles from the nearest land — " Nothing short of murder " — Terrible experiences at sea — One boat lost — Landing on the desolate African coast — Attacked by Bedouins — An unequal fight — Survivors taken prisoner — Wanderings in captivity — Release after nearly eight months pp.… continue reading »

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