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That day on Mount Street, a group of reserve volunteer soldiers, nicknamed in Dublin, the “Gorgeous Wrecks” (because of their advanced age and their tunics’ inscriptions ‘Georgius Rex’), unwittingly stumbled upon the rebel position and four were killed before they scrambled into safety at Beggars Bush barracks.[2] Had the rebels known of the weakness of the British garrison, they could have taken Beggars Bush barracks (held initially by the army catering staff and 17 rifles)[3] with relative ease.

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Rather their positions were isolated and bombarded from distance.Perhaps it is the delicious authentic food that brings people in.Or maybe it is because Failte offers a genuinely Irish good time.Inside Clanwilliam House, two Volunteers, Patrick Doyle and Tom Walsh, shouted over the noise of battle, “Isn’t this a great day for Ireland? Eventually, on the Thursday, the position was stormed when the British brought up machine guns and explosives.

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Four Volunteers, Malone among them were killed and another captured. The fighting at Mount Street had inflicted 240 casualties -or up to two thirds of British losses in Easter week.

Four civilians had also been killed in the crossfire.

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