Inserting updating deleting trigger events

06-Oct-2019 01:46

If multiple triggers of the same kind are defined for the same event, they will be fired in alphabetical order by name.When the triggers on plain tables (not foreign tables).has completed); or instead of the operation (in the case of inserts, updates or deletes on a view).If the trigger fires before or instead of the event, the trigger can skip the operation for the current row, or change the row being inserted (for conditions, although the feature is not so useful for them since the condition cannot refer to any values in the table.The name cannot be schema-qualified — the trigger inherits the schema of its table.For a constraint trigger, this is also the name to use when modifying the trigger's behavior using The (possibly schema-qualified) name of another table referenced by the constraint.

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This is the second article in a series about database automation with triggers and events.