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07-Dec-2019 19:29

One thing which I have found good when I know that I will be in a tricky situation is to take “Pro-Banthne” this drug stop all sweating but also makes your mouth very dry and uncomfortable, I found best taken a few hours before you have that meeting or social event. I would like to hear from any one who might of tried this .

Would very much like to hear from people suffering from chronic severe blushing.

My two daughters now are suffering from this problem and my daughter 19 is very depressed as she blushes all the time at work and at college if anyone talks to her.

Is there any medication or anything else that anybody has found successful in treating this very depressing condition.

Unfortunately like the rest of you I suffer from hyperhidrosis and I have tried everything I can think of to control it. I visited a practitioner who specialise in Chinese medication and acupuncture and when he inserted a pin into the area of the body which they consider to be the body thermostat I started sweating from my head and chest, unfortunately he did not have a way to stop it. Vincent’s has been looking into this and when I visited him he mentioned the possibility of cutting some nerve in the back of my head may stop the sweating but it may also lead to the dropping of my eye lashed, a risk to great.

I also suffer from this very distressing problem of blushing at meetings or in certain social situations.

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I know it is caused by a deep rooted lack of confidence.

He told me to cut down on coffee and wear uv protection. Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried ets as i believe the surgery is very good.

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