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Mc Guire echoed this sentiment, noting that “[t]his law sends domestic abusers a strong message that the more often they do harm, the more time they’ll spend in jail.” The law takes effect Jan. The law allows insurance companies to communicate with the victims without revealing their current addresses to their abusers.It provides that the insurer “shall accommodate a reasonable request” to “receive communications of claim-related information from the company by alternative means or at alternative locations if the person clearly states that disclosure of all or part of the information could endanger the person.” The law takes effect Jan. School Boards to Adopt Policies on Dating Violence Between Teenagers Finally, House Bill 3379, sponsored by State Rep. Iris Martinez (D-Chicago), adds a new §3.10 to the Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Health Education Act (105 ILCS 110/3.10), which requires school boards to adopt a policy on teen dating violence.Here are five benefits associated Most students who enroll with us here at Draco Academy want to know how quickly they can progress through the Taekwondo belt system.Essentially, how quickly can they achieve their ultimate goal to be a coveted black belt?All forms support an active lifestyle, encourage focus and stillness, aid in weight loss, increase self-confidence levels, help tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular health. This free webinar will introduce participants to concepts related to healthy, unhealthy, and unsafe relationships.

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An achievement like a black belt needs physical and mental preparation if one wants to earn Martial arts, in all forms, are widely practiced and have a wide range of benefits.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Dating violence occurs between two people in a close relationship.