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Packages can then be targeted to a distribution point group rather than to individual distribution points.For example, you might create a group of distribution points enabled to support mobile device clients and copy packages for mobile device clients only to that distribution point group.If you bring a new distribution point online and want to copy several existing packages to that distribution point, use the Copy Package Wizard.For more information, see How to Copy Multiple Packages to One Distribution Point. If that share does not already exist, Configuration Manager creates it.For more information about specific types of distribution points, see the following topics: Two types of load are involved with distribution points: the server load incurred when clients access the server for packages and the network load incurred as clients download or run the package.No specific load balancing is performed on the server load.There is only one site role called distribution point, but you can configure the distribution point to support various functions.The following table describes the configurations which you can apply to distribution points.

The Copy Packages Wizard does not provide any bandwidth control, but you can run it during off-peak hours.When clients ask for package source files, Configuration Manager 2007 uses an algorithm to attempt to assign the distribution point closest to the client.