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07-Apr-2020 02:36

Have a computer assign time-slots, and tables for each attendee, and communicate the details!

Give each expert their own ‘station’ and have the attendees rotate., classroom style with rows of chairs facing each other works great.

This allows attendees to go into depth about issues they have already heard about during the day’s sessions.

And it’s a good way to engage attendees through the end.

There are different formats for speed networking at conferences.

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If space is scarce, set up two chairs on each side of a coffee table.Have your event staff members assign time-slots and tables for each attendee.Then, communicate to attendees the speed networking rules.To execute on this form of speed networking, provide your attendees with background information on the expertise of each speaker.

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Encourage your attendees to pre-select up to 6 experts they would be interested in networking with.For a total of 10 attendees, a 30-minute round would be the maximum. Interaction with a fairly large number of people is possible in one setting, so I recommend this format for larger conferences.