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Below we have compiled the most comprehensive list of Herpes Support Groups throughout the USA.

Updated: January 23, 2018 Alabama Alabama H Club – Yahoo Group, 222 Members, [email protected] Herpes Support Group – Yahoo Group, 151 Members, [email protected] Alabama H Friends – Yahoo Group, 48 Members, [email protected] Alaska H Friends (Anchorage) – Meetup Group, 152 members Arizona AZ Heeps – Meetup Group, 385 members Arizona Singles – Yahoo Group, 734 members, [email protected] H Friends – Yahoo Group, 479 members, [email protected] H Friends – Yahoo Group, 475 members, [email protected] HELP Group Arkansas Little Rock Singles H Friends Yahoo Group, 200 Members, [email protected] Bay Area Friends (BAF) – Meetup Group, 1,872 members Bay Area Friends – Website is a FREE social and support group for people with genital herpes SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes – Yahoo Group – 227 members, [email protected] H Friends – Meetup Group, 882 members SD Friends Social Group for Herpes – Yahoo Group, 783 members, [email protected] Diego HELP Support Group – Confidential, non-profit self-help support group for people with herpes, Contact [email protected] Diego City Orange County Friends Social Group Yahoo Group – Yahoo Group, 291 members, [email protected] Social and Vibrant Socials in So Cal – Meetup Group, Redondo Beach, 306 members Central Cali H Freinds – Website is an informational site about various social groups for people with Herpes Fresno H Friends – Meetup Group, Fresno, 49 members LA HELP Support Group – LA\OC HELP is the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of the Herpes Resource Center “LA/OC HELP on Meetup” – Meetup Group, Huntington Beach, 809 members Southern Cal Friends – Yahoo Group, 1085 members, [email protected] Socials So Cal – Meetup Group, Burbank, 1,407 members.

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Sacramento Friends – Yahoo Group, 653 members, [email protected] Colorado H Friends – Nonprofit support & education group dedicated to people with herpes in Colorado, Over 1,800 members, [email protected] All CTFriends – Yahoo Group, 336 members, [email protected] DC H20 – Website is a multi-cultural, volunteer social group for people with Herpes and/or HPV Delaware Delaware Friends – Yahoo Group, 70 members, [email protected] Central FL H2O Support Group – Website provides resources and counseling for those learning to deal with herpes Southesast Florida H Club – Yahoo Group, Palm Beach/Broward/Miami, 492 members, [email protected] Florida H Friends – Yahoo Group, 275 members, [email protected] H2O Social Group and Orlando HELP Support Group Sarasota-Bradenton H Club – Yahoo Group, Sarasota/Bradenton, 266 members, [email protected] Bay H Club – Yahoo Group, Tampa Bay, 1,131 members, [email protected] 437737 – Yahoo Group, Jacksonville, 163 members, [email protected] Atlanta Area HSV or HPV – Yahoo Group, Atlanta, 2,896 members, [email protected] of Color Atlanta – Yahoo Group, Atlanta, 640 members, [email protected] Herpes in Hawaii – Yahoo Group, 178 members, [email protected] Illinois c Hicago friends – Meetup Group, Chicago, 547 members Chicago hpv – Yahoo Group, Chicago, 172 members, [email protected] Prairie Friends – Yahoo Group, Central Illinois, 294 members, [email protected] H Friends – Yahoo Group, 805 members, [email protected] Chicago – People of Color Yahoo Group, Chicago, 314 members, [email protected] – Website created to provide individuals in the Indianapolis area with information, help, and support POC Ohio/Indy II – People of Color Yahoo Group, 108 members, [email protected] Kentucky Louisville H Friends – Yahoo Group, Louisville, 353 members, [email protected] Louisiana H Friends – Yahoo Group, 247 members, [email protected] Herpes Dating Group – Yahoo Group, Shreveport, 235 members, [email protected] People w Herpes in Louisiana – Yahoo Group, 167 members, [email protected] Maine_Herpes – Yahoo Group, 178 members, [email protected] Massachusetts Boston Herpes Social and Support Group –Website is one of the most active “H” social groups in the country, [email protected] Friends – Yahoo Group, 1,475 members, [email protected] Detroit – Metro Detroit HELP Website support group for people with herpes and HPV, [email protected] of Color Michigan – People of Color Yahoo Group, 478 members, [email protected] City Friends – Yahoo Group, 1,312 members, [email protected] Michigan Friends – Yahoo Group, 159 members, [email protected] Twin Cities H Social – Meetup Group, Minneapolis, 579 members Twin Cities Lesbians with Herpes – Yahoo Group, 268 members, [email protected] MS Herpes Dating – Yahoo Group, 175 members, [email protected] H2O Kansas City Friends – Yahoo Group, 200 members, [email protected] of Color Social Networking-Missouri – People of Color Yahoo Group, 53 members, [email protected] Inland NW Friends, Yahoo Group, Western Montana, 100 members, [email protected] Nevada Las Vegas Area Friends – Meetup Group, 95 members Northern Nevada Friends – Yahoo Group, 256 members, [email protected] Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey Friend – Yahoo Group, 533 members, [email protected] Mexico New Mexico H Singles – Yahoo Group, 342 members, [email protected] York NYCFriends II – Yahoo Group, 1,078 members, [email protected] Recovery Anonymous of New York City – Website social group serving the HSV community of the New York area and beyond Herpes New York – Yahoo Group, 1,736 members, [email protected] Dating New York City – Meetup Group, New York City, 318 members People of Color New York – People of Color Yahoo Group, 467 members, [email protected] Buffalo & Western NY with Herpes – Yahoo Group, 375 members, [email protected] NY Friends Yahoo Group – Yahoo Group, 195 members, [email protected] Valley Friends – Yahoo Group, 234 members, [email protected] Carolina People of Color North Carolina – People of Color Yahoo Group, 140 members, [email protected] Raleigh H Club – Meetup Group, Raleigh, 604 members Raleigh Triangle H – Yahoo Group, 389 members, [email protected] H – Website which provides support and friendship to adults who have been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus Carolina – Yahoo Group, 323 members, [email protected] SCand Western NChgroup – Yahoo Group, 184 members, [email protected] Dakota Ohio Cincinnati Help – Website is a support group for people who have herpes simplex, [email protected] Cincinatti – Yahoo Group, 375 members, [email protected] With HSV in the 419 – Yahoo Group, Toledo, 92 members, [email protected] Friends – Website is a support group for those with Herpes and/or HPV Club 437737 – Meetup Group, Columbus, 163 members POC Ohio/Indy II – People of Color Yahoo Group, 108 members, [email protected] Oklahoma H Club Yahoo Group Oregon Club H – Portland’s Herpes Dating Site – Website is the Largest Herpes Community in Portland Oregon Portland Area Friends on Yahoo Central Oregon H Club Yahoo Group – Yahoo Group, 246 members Westover Heights Clinic – a medical clinic @ Portland specializing in STDs and herpes, owned by Teri Warren, RN, a herpes expert Pennsylvania Philadelphia Friends Yahoo Group NEPA Friends – Yahoo Group, Northeast Pennsylvania, 26 members, [email protected] of Pittsburgh Rhode Island Boston Herpes Social and Support Group – Includes links to Beantown Friends and Boston HELP (support group) South Carolina Carolina – Yahoo Group, 323 members, [email protected] of Color Social Networking SC People Of Color Yahoo Group, 109 members, [email protected] H Club – Yahoo Group, 324 members Upstate SC and Western NC H Group – Yahoo Group, 184 members, [email protected] Dakota Tennessee Memphis H Friends – Yahoo Group, 80 members, [email protected] IN West Tenn.