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Foote, cofounder of an educational technology start-up called Practice, was about to pitch a corporate client while her company’s potential acquirers — an education software company Foote had long admired, called Instructure — listened in. Eventually, the child now quiet, Foote switched back the sound (camera still off) and made the pitch — while still breast-feeding. The timing was, of course, not ideal — so long, maternity leave — but there was no question for Foote: Instructure was company in the ed-tech industry on which Practice had modeled itself.

So Foote turned her video camera off and started breast-feeding. The baby was so ever-present — Hazel was born the week official acquisition talks began — that lawyers included her in roll call.

It’s a way for Foote to live out her belief that a work environment that’s supportive of employees’ families ultimately helps a company’s bottom line. But she still had to grapple with questions like: When do I tell my prospective investors?

“I want our team to know that we are not one-dimensional,” Foote said. No matter how progressive or respectful they seem, would they unconsciously assume she couldn’t meet the demands of running a company that would make them a return on their investment?

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Here, she’s held by coworkers Ashley Karpeh, with K’Shelle Waller (center) and Alyson Emmett.

Nowadays, Hazel, 4 months old, is part of the team — popping up on the screen during a video conference or being passed around the client success team as they take a break.

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Practice cofounder Emily Foote’s 4-month-old daughter, Hazel Marie Williams, is a frequent visitor to the Practice office.

Foote laughed as she relayed her coworkers’ later commentary: “That was wildly inappropriate! ” Or the time that Hazel had an explosive dirty diaper in the middle of a conference call, forcing Foote to change her right after the call, amid her coworkers. She looked up to see one of the team’s younger members, account executive Tristan Hough, his face white. when they saw Hazel sleeping on the conference room table while her mother ran a meeting. Sometimes, she said, “you feel like a failure at both: work and motherhood.” And though she’s been able to make it work so far, Foote doesn’t want her employees to follow her model.