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04-Jun-2020 06:15

Her sexuality is creative in terms of making a family. Her attractiveness keeps her husband loyal, especially in the face of the greatest threat to the compact family, the janda.

In contrast to the maiden figure, who is sexually available to nobody, and the mother symbol, who is sexually available only to her husband, the janda is conceived of as available to anybody.

Indeed, husbands and wives would not have sex, threatening their marriage and their reproductive potential, and children would not grow. The husband is thought of as being equipped with desire. If she fails, it will probably be a janda who attracts his desire, thereby threatening the family.

The reason is that sex outside marriage is sinful; but sex with a janda is thought of as a kind of loophole, because she is no longer a maiden and doesn’t have a husband.

She is portrayed as pitiable and laughable, hoping vainly that a well-meaning man might marry, thereby obtaining for himself heavenly reward as well as a second wife.

The janda also relates to culturally specific ideas of desire, shame, and fate.

This betrays the more titillating aspects of the song—that the pitiable figure of the divorced or widowed woman not only desires sex but is available for it.

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