Girlfriend denture dating

15-Feb-2020 08:33

my dentures are pretty, and look real, they were sculpted from my dental records and pictures of me before I lost my teeth. I put a lot of money into making them look as real as possible.

Because I had been well trained by my last girlfriend, I refrained from initiating any tongue action. ” It clearly took Lindsay a second to realize what I was talking about. ” “No, yeah, I’ m fine,” she said, still covering her mouth. “It’s just a tooth.” “It just–,” “It’s not even a real tooth,” she added.

But I'm afraid if I don't tell him, then he might feel it when we kiss and really freak. I have always been a little shy about meeting women.

Lindsay—a girl I had met online—told me that there was a new restaurant downtown that she had wanted to try. “But I don’t think they’ll fall out.” “Right,” I said, nodding. “And I really wasn’t judging you for your dentures.” She closed the door on me, just as I was saying “I’ll call you.” For a minute, I just sat there.

Sometimes I take my teeth out as a party trick, or make old lady jokes. I'm in a bit of the same boat with OP, but I had a shitty dentist that did dental work that's just falling apart and I don't have the money to repair it all. If I had bad teeth before then the dentures would seem like a step up.

Nobody has ever been grossed out by them, or thought differently of me because of it. My mom was missing both, dad was missing one, and I'm missing one. It is a little awkward when people find out, but it's mostly been fine. Brushed the number of recommended times a day, flossed, and rinsed. I'm 30F and have dentures on my top teeth due to an accident that knocked my front 6 teeth out. I have had the teeth for 2 years and been with my SO for a little over a year. I casually said "I can't eat that because my top teeth had to be replaced because of my accident.

I looked up and we both leaned forward at the same time. “I guess that bread was harder than we thought,” I said, a little uncomfortably. I couldn’t help glancing down at the hand that was holding her tooth.

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