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19-Jan-2020 04:53

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(Just to clarify, she is my step-mother, but the only mother I had ever known, so I had always called her Mum.)"Now listen, both of you," she ordered, her voice firm, and brooking no talk-back. I hadn't realised she was so strong, and I had not been in this position for a long time."Marie, I enjoy visiting you, and I love being had by you both, but I feel very old and out of place when you call me, 'Mum'. Before I could even think of saying anything, my panties were round my knees, and her hand was spanking my bare arse.I live in scandinavia so sorry if my English is bad.I dont really know what I want to get out of this but maybe just someone to talk to, so if you relate, send me an email?

Without warning, she pulled me from where I was sitting at her side on the sofa, and I found myself face down over her knee.And it was so nice for both of us when Helen came over, usually stopping the night, or even the weekend. We snuggled closer to her, and Jenny and I both started caressing her boobs through her thin summer dress. Helen cupped our bums in each of her hands."Very nice, darlings.We could clearly feel that she had no bra on, her nipples springing out erect and firm as soon as we began. Now put them away, before I forget about shopping."We went out, and I immediately felt the warm air on my pussy, naked under my short skirt.She squirmed delightfully, and I started reaching my hand up her dress, tracing along her inner thigh."Oh no," she told us, "This will not do at all. We will have time for this later."Jenny and I looked at each other, then at Helen."Shopping? "Helen looked at us in amazement."For the party," she told us. I looked at Jenny, and knew she was feeling it too.

We got into the car with more care than usual, trying not to show too much to any passers-by.


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