Gigi lai dating

02-Jul-2020 01:11

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gigi must really love this guy to actually reveal that she's in a relationship to the press..this couple all the best and i think it'd be great if she were to get married and settle down This is good news for the HK Entertainment Industry this year as opposed to the Edison Sex Scandal and Lydia Shum's death. I hope she gets married soon and makes some pretty babies before it's too late. that's crazy to hear that gigi is in a relationship. i can still remember reading about how she isn't dating and she is goin to wait for the right man.

Since she was young, she always wanted to get married and start a family as soon as possible. She has dated a lot of famous people such as Wong Yuk Long, Hui Jun Hung, the dentist Jung Siu Po, Choi Zi Ming, the owner of East Daily Ma Ting Keung etc. Gigi paid for her brother's education to study dermatology in England.Earlier on, Gigi attended one of her friend's wedding and caught the wedding bouquet, now it looks like it's her turn.

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