Furry fandom dating

08-Aug-2020 23:28

I suggesting, by the way, that you treat men differently from women.

You can reasonably initiate social contact with (most) men. It’s not a double standard, because there is a difference in the experiences of men and women.

Furry gatherings are a place for people, men and women, to socialize with friends.

If a guy is inserting himself into a social group because he is motivated by the chance to meet someone of the opposite sex, then he is breaking the tacit social contract, and needs to cut it out.

and so the shy, the young, and the I’ve-had-enough-of-this-crap crowd stay away.They would suggest that it’s unfair that there are special rules that apply to men when talking to women, compared to any other situation (man talking to man, woman talking to man, woman talking to woman).They are right that it’s different, but it’s not unfair… The men’s rights movement thinks that the genders should be treated equally.It’s a similar situation to how you should treat a celebrity, perhaps at a furry convention.

People who are well known will be in demand, and they may find themselves constantly interrupted by well-meaning fans.

It sounds counter-intuitive to suggest that, in order to meet more furry women, you should avoid introducing yourself at a social gathering.