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25-Nov-2019 23:42

During our formative years and our childhood, we start to pick up traits and characters that we see all around us.But if you haven’t picked up the funny bone influence from past experiences, don’t worry about it.Just like how autobiographies of successful people can help you achieve more in life, watching standup comedy or comedy flicks will definitely make you a funnier and happier person.And when you’re watching the comedy shows, don’t just listen to the funny lines.A talking parrot could be the funniest thing in the world if things worked that way.And being funny isn’t about behaving like a clown either.[Read: How to talk to any guy and make him like you] #1 Think positive.The art of being funny or humorous starts with positivity.

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Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles. Watch how the characters on screen behave and move when they speak funny.