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30-Apr-2020 18:25

While not everyone believes in the concept of a soul mate, it's natural to want to know if you've found the love of your life.

The most important thing for you is to decide on your own definition of true love and to first love and accept yourself.

There have been rumors that Cannon is refusing to sign the divorce papers in order to delay Carey's wedding.

He claimed he was too busy with his career to focus on dating.The only thing that's important to me is my children.I believe my ex feels the exact same way." WHY MARIAH AND JAMES' WEDDING WON'T BE OVER THE TOP Chilli is also no stranger to dating fellow celebrities.The exes are trying to keep thing amicable even though Carey is already engaged to billionaire James Packer.

She's previously been linked to Usher, Tyrese, and former NFL running back Larry Johnson.Whatever the results, finding your soul mate should be a good thing, right?