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” You could say that and that may happen but it also seems to glaze over the fact that many chronic illnesses are long-lasting – often with an unpredictable trajectory.Can you say, “Have a speedy recovery” when there isn’t a road to recovery yet because there isn’t a cure for what they have?Our well wishes are heartfelt, but sometimes can be a bit awkward, especially if it is a sensitive subject.But what do you say to someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness? What message can you write or voicemail can you leave?I have Parkinson’s, an incurable neurological condition.When I announced it, I was greeted with messages of how much strength I have and if anyone can beat this, it is me. My illness was mysteriously lost in the sincere messages about how I would kick Parkinson’s butt. They only mentioned my strength to fight the word, Parkinson’s but not the symptoms.This is so important because many people do not know how to address chronic illness and often ignore it – not out of neglect, but out of not knowing what to say.

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We all know someone who has experienced a serious illness, had an accident or needed a surgery.Our carrier status reports can be used to determine carrier status, but cannot determine if you have two copies of any genetic variant.These carrier reports are not intended to tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease in the future or anything about the health of your fetus, or your newborn child’s risk of developing a particular disease later in life.Telo Years is a relatively new at-home DNA test that calculates the age of the DNA in your cells and claims to tell you how well you are aging.

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The test measures the length of telomeres, the caps that cover the ends of chromosomes (telomeres shorten as a person ages).

There are a growing number of direct to consumer DNA tests on the market that claim to predict cellular age or fitness DNA profiles and offer personalized lifestyle and activity recommendations.

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