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But the artist’s other endeavors are just as compelling, from interactive musical performances—Rucker plays cello and bass and is a composer, as well—to his shows in prisons.

Photography by Mike Morgan Though the trio had already established a national reputation, it’s been quite a year for this Baltimore-based alternative, synth-pop band.

Photography By: David Colwell, Cory Donovan, Mitro Hood, Ryan Lavine, Mike Morgan, Christopher Myers, Sean Scheidt, Brian Schneider, Scott Suchman, and Justin Tsucalas.

Our favorite thing about flipping through 40 years of “Best of Baltimore” issues?

They’ve been on a European tour, and Pitchfork called “Seasons,” from their latest album Singles, the best track of 2014.

Lead singer Sam Herring’s iconic dance moves once again made an impact on the Any year Anne Tyler publishes a book it’s difficult to recognize anyone but the acclaimed Baltimore resident.

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A conversation and free breakfast with like-minded, creative people.

This album is another step, moving away from the frenzy of his early work into sweeping compositions that brim with inward explorations.

He builds layers of sound with lyrics full of anxiety and yearning, adding a dose of synth-pop to his driving beats. Rucker’s early spring show REWIND was raw and powerful.

Host Katie Boyts always encourages audience members to interact, and the networking is top-notch. Stop in to the public radio station’s studio almost any Friday afternoon, and you’ll see a live performance, ranging from national performer Hozier to regional favorite Bumper Jacksons.

If you can’t be there in person, you can stream online, and here’s the best part—it’s free!(Donations are accepted, of course.) , which integrated music and technology with 3-D video projection and dances that appeared on a shadow screen.