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22-Apr-2020 15:45

Initially, the average woman would have cut it off. Often, we evaluate what things should be occurring in the current state of our relationship and if they aren’t, we (over)react. Allow for differences and don’t assume the worst-case scenario every time things don’t go your way.

If you feel like certain markers aren’t occurring along the way that indicate growth during the early stage of dating, simply make mental adjustments.

That mindset frees us from attempting to force a man to act differently.

That mindset frees us from pressure so we can sit back and get to know the person organically!

More than 60% of people surveyed said they’d be somewhat or very concerned about dating someone with a typical level of student loan debt — ,000 or more.

The “black or white” approach is understandable but dating is precarious.

You’d have to avoid dating altogether to avoid gray areas.

Guard your heart so you’re not severely impacted should the relationship be a disappointment. Of course, we must consider deal-breakers and compatibility but as far as the direction of the relationship, enjoy the positives that occur when you meet a new person. Men are actually drawn in when they sense the interaction is not that big of a deal to you.2.

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I’ve witnessed women have relationships that gradually became what they wanted. “Should” Thinking: It’s inevitable that you’ll evaluate progress in a relationship and it’s wise to do so but not in an eager or rigid way. If you text a person, you expect them to text back in a reasonable time frame because who isn’t attached to their phone. I’m not saying to overlook what’s logical but to simply understand that people vary which means the interactions of two people will always be unique.

There is no need to “go off”, be passive aggressive, or cut the relationship off PREMATURELY.