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Orion Cruises, True North and Aurora Expeditions offer on-shore tours of rock art at Raft Point.Professor Paul Tacon of Griffith University recommends the large body of Quinkan rock art, dating between 15,000 and 30,000 years old, on the sandstone escarpments around Laura.While some of these sites are not open to the public, there is still some fascinating rock art including a women’s business site and a boy’s initiation site, both of which feature the whole sweep of Arnhem Land painting styles including naturalistic, dynamic and x-ray art.See it for yourself: The Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation-owned Cicada Lodge offers two different tours by helicopter to the women’s business site and the Nipbamjarn boy’s initiation site.See it for yourself: There are interpretive signs for self-guided tours of the Basin Track shelter and Resolute Engravings Site.

The Quinkan and Regional Cultural Centre features an interpretive display explaining the art, registered on the Australian Heritage Commission and which manager Lex Bloomfield says is the best-kept secret in Queensland.

These ghost-like creatures have large mouthless faces with huge eyes flanking beak-like noses.