Dating site for virgins Live chat with old man

20-Sep-2019 23:02

Yet evidence from women who spoke to the Mo S tells a very different story.

They claim that they were treated like prostitutes after signing up.

A fourth woman, who claimed to have two degrees and was looking for someone to ‘invest’ to enable her to continue her studies, revealed that she too was ‘auctioning’ her virginity and invited men to message her.

SA claims to go to great lengths to insist that sugar babies are neither prostitutes nor escorts, though the distinction is difficult to see in many adverts.

A young single mother joined SA while she was a student at a Scottish university.

She wanted extra money to cover her university costs while also supporting her four-year-old daughter.

It boasts more than ten million users across 139 countries, with hundreds of thousands in the UK alone.

It claims to be a more ‘honest’ way of dating in which both sides are candid about what they want from the relationship.

Scores of women from the UK – and hundreds from overseas – registered as ‘sugar babies’ say in their profiles that they are virgins.Experts have described the ‘no-sex required’ claim by the website as ‘disingenuous and misleading’, putting some women in a vulnerable position.In one appalling case, a Cambridge University student says she was sexually assaulted with a beer bottle by a wealthy ‘date’.In adverts for the event it says that sugar daddies, sugar babies and psychologists will all be in attendance to advise young women who attend on ‘how to bag a millionaire’.

In the #Me Too era session, ‘experts’ are discussing what the movement highlighting sexual harassment and assault means for so-called ‘sugar’ relationships.

A blog on the site points out the differences between ‘sugar and prostitution’, claiming that sugar daddies and babies have an ongoing relationship, and not just a financial transaction.

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