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Studies like these can be challenging to interpret, nutrition experts said, because people who eat fast food can have poor dietary habits, but this study sought to isolate fast food by factoring out many other issues, like sleep, exercise and even consumption of local fried foods.It also caught Singapore as its economy matured and fast food came to town.“It’s a parable, or microcosm, of what’s occurring in other parts of the globe,” said Andrew Odegaard, a co-author on the study.People see the European type as civilized.”“This is having a major impact on obesity and heart disease.”KFC executives see a major opportunity here to be part of people’s regular routines, a goal they are advancing through a creative marketing campaign and use of social media.When asked if it is unhealthy for people to eat fried chicken often, Kimberly Morgan, a KFC spokeswoman in Plano, Texas, said, “At KFC, we’re proud of our world famous, freshly in-store prepared fried chicken and believe it can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.”Company representatives said they take health seriously in the region, noting their sponsorship of a youth cricket league in South Africa. The company can rely on their knowledge of the local market and commitment to the investment.KFC alone, he said, is only one factor in the country’s obesity epidemic, but it represents the embrace of western foods.

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New ads debuted in May for the Streetwise 2 — two pieces of chicken, fries and a Coke — with the popular local singer Ko-Jo Cue holding a sign that says, “It’s thanks to the streets that I became a winner.”The health effects of fast food are challenging to study, particularly in the United States.That’s because burgers, fries, fried chicken, pizzas and milkshakes get served all over the place, not just in traditional fast food joints, making it hard to establish the specific influence of fast food on obesity. One large-scale study, done in Singapore as it grew economically and attracted Western fast food chains, offers evidence that the arrival of Mc Donald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut, among others, posed a serious health risk.

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