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Ruffled Feathers are for those who need help and advice. This is to be done in a way that it will help you to remember the information included here. Ruffled Feathers are for those who need help and advice. A hidden Boss Battle in a Video Game that shows up after (or instead of) the game's usual Final Boss battle, but only if certain conditions have been met. How to play games instructions are located below the flash game.

Because it's totally rocking in the game, even if you aren't familiar with it. Responsability is really lacking in the game creators these days.

(But for that, there's always the Internet...) If a game has Multiple Endings, expect the game's Golden Ending to be hidden behind this guy, especially if anything less yields only a Bittersweet Ending (at best) and/or provides little or no real thematic closure to the game's narrative.

Outside of that, don't expect any tangible rewards for beating this guy, though. moment when a player unlocks this guy for their first time — bonus points if it happens while showing off their mad gameplay skills (or a Self-Imposed Challenge) to their nearby friends.

The arcade games at are free to play online games including our multiplayer pool games with chat.

Registered players can save game high scores on their games.Behind the scenes of the 12-season show When a young woman noticed her lip beginning to swell, she thought it was an allergic reaction or cold sore -- until her physician revealed the disgusting truth.