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Then, along came corporate mergers – the employees were either laid off, had cuts in pay, benefits stripped again, and the employees who survived the merger hoped for some consistency and security for a few more years with a new company They then worked, and worked, and worked until another merger came along – and the whole process started all over again.

But, who was getting "richer and richer" all of the time.

There should be a stringent cap on these salaries – just like there is on the employees.

They shouldn't get more than a 2% raise like the rest of use each year, and they should be getting a review all of the time.

Belfort said he lives his life as if he were a character in a movie.

Even in private, he said he plays the roles of characters in front of what he called “an invisible audience.” He emulated characters like the one Richard Gere played in “Pretty Woman.” He bought the same white Testarossa that Don Johnson’s character, Sonny Crocket, tooled around in on “Miami Vice.” And now, after he lived “The Life,” and ultimately paid the price, he said he’s cast himself in a much different role.

These CEOs who do absolutely NOTHING for their company.

They have lavish vacations which they call "business trips" while the "little people" who work under them keep being more "productive" so that these executives can spend, spend, spend.

(Nothing – even malls were not open on Sundays when my husband and I raised our two daughters).

But what I found most interesting about Belfort was the way he identified with movie and television characters.

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