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31-Dec-2019 22:55

Yet I still belong to you, you hold my right hand…(verse 21-24). Trust him as you rebuild the shattered parts of your life.He will show you how to do it and where to go (Psalm 32:8).You'll also learn what's happening in my ministry, where I am speaking, as well as receive news on special free offers.As any man knows that’s stepped into the dating pool more than a couple of times, not all relationships are healthy ones.I know this isn’t what you would have wanted or chosen but God is always with you and holds you by the hand through this process of letting go and moving on.

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In fact, one of the most powerful ways to move out of being repeatedly victimized is to embrace an owner mindset. Because once you ask this question, all kinds of possibilities open up for you.

I say this because every woman over 55 (and you say you were married 40 years so I know that’s you), needs to develop a good female support system.

Chances are a woman will outlive her husband even if her marriage was loving and good.

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Every two weeks, you'll be encouraged and challenged with practical, biblical and life-changing truths that will help you in your life and in your relationships. When those fail or are non-existent, a woman begins to question her value and her purpose. But being victimized does not mean you have to embrace a victim mindset.

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