Dating sediment cores

12-Sep-2020 00:36

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There are several methods for determining sediment accumulation rates in the Hudson River estuary.One involves the analysis of the concentration of certain radionuclides in sediment core sections.

Credit: BOEM The geology of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) is dynamic, driven not by plate tectonics but by the movement of subsurface bodies of salt.

This barcode pattern is reflected in the Geomagnetic Polarity Timescale (GPTS) shown below (Mankinen and Wentworth, 2003).

Black bars represent periods of normal polarity and white bars represent periods of reversed polarity.

Using the data, you will create a "barcode" of normal and reversed polarity from that you will compare to the Geomagnetic Polarity Timescale (GPTS) to help determine the ages of sediments from "The Core Lab." 1.

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According to the data, what is the approximate age of the sedimentary sequence you described in the Core Lab Visualization, from ~260 to ~ 360 meters below the seafloor? During which geologic epoch(s) was this sedimentary sequence deposited? Refer back to the geologic timescale you created in Lab 5.

The data obtained from this research will be compared to earlier work to obtain a complete chronology of sediment deposition in these Reserve areas of the river.

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