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27-Aug-2020 15:01

If you want my personal opinion these are the best two restaurants in the Plaka in the daytime.

They are the closest thing you will find to home-cooking in the neighborhood.

The ones marked as , are the ones I go to regularly or every chance I get.

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They have daily specials and pretty much everything here is good.

If you have any faves you want to add, take a picture and send me a review.

Remember that if you order fish it is often sold by the kilo so before you choose make sure you know the price since it can vary greatly from one fish to another.

Keep in mind that lunch is the big meal here, like many downtown restaurants, and they do their cooking in the morning so at night it is mostly grilled meat, fish and stuff made right then and there.

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In other words don't order oven cooked dishes at night.

They have a special sausage called soutsouki that has a curry flavor and this is what I get often.