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18-May-2020 01:39

I remember pulling out a crumpled sheet of paper from my daughter's backpack.

On the top of the paper, it said "I'm thankful...“ and went on to describe many different challenges we all face, and the hidden blessing underneath.

Yet despite her fury toward the man who she felt had "ripped a sense of safety and security" from her life and that of her three school-age children, Rachel had an awareness we would all do well to internalize.

She recognized that blaming her husband for her present misery, no matter how justified and easy to do, would only keep her stuck and impotent.

The recognition that a person can choose emotional well-being – even when life doesn't turn out the way we want it – is the cornerstone of mental health. She was willing and ready to let go of blame and embrace responsibility for her future.

The road to letting go of anger and hurt still stretched before her, enormously daunting because of the deep pain she had been carrying around for years.

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Step Two: Allow yourself to grieve The Jewish laws of mourning are a wise system of graduated grief. This involves the recognition that people only act very badly when they feel very badly.

Step Four: Forgive As long as you remain bitter and unforgiving, you're still squeezing the sharp object in your hand, blaming the object for your pain, and forgetting that you are the one doing the squeezing.