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They are fonts you are free to use for any purpose, fonts whose internals you are free to study, fonts you are free to improve, fonts you are free to redistribute, and fonts you are free to redistribute improved versions of which means - in the specific context of font software - fonts you are explicitly free to embedded, subset, bundle and derive from to create any kind of artwork.To be truly Free they must allow commercial use and even to be sold by anyone - as it is about freedom, not price.Arev Sans is a derivative of Bitstream Vera Sans created by Tavmjong Bah by adding support for Greek and Cyrillic characters.Bah also added a few variant letters that are more appropriate for mathematics.Dave works as a typographic consultant to the Google Fonts project and gives financial support to libre type projects including Font Forge, Glyphr Studio and Metapolator. In 2014, he also created the Open Source fonts Gidole Play (later renamed Gidolinya) and Gidole Sans [micropage], which is patterned after DIN 1451 and uses Euler spirals. Gidole was forked and extended in 2016 at Open Font Library by Cristiano Sobral as Normung. Stephen Schrenk (whose nom de plume is Tavmjong Bah) created the Arev Sans font.

Typefaces from 2013: Liberty Sans, Maritime Tropical Neue (monoline informal script).

I completed a BA (Hons) Interaction Design degree at Ravensbourne College in 2006, and am currently on the MA Typeface Design course at Reading, from October 2007 to July 2009.

My design philosophy centers around the parameterisation and automation of design to improve the design process, and some of my old ideas are published at

Lasse is the lead developer of Metapolator, ufo JS and Atem.

At the moment (2018) he is freelancing as a font-engineer on Arabic libre font projects for Google-Fonts.

Dave dreams of a free culture of visual communication around the world, so he decided to free fonts.