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Although in retrospect it was kind of funny." "It wasn't funny." Clark protested, turning to Kara again, "I failed him. Alex has told me, well, next to nothing about you." Maggie smiled, "What do you want to know?But he was making progress with you, which was why I was hoping you could take him back as a partner. " * By some miracle they made it through the entire dinner without an emergency calling Kara and/or Clark away, and while it was a bit awkward some of the time for the most part Kara thought it went really well. " There was a long pause and then Lena laughed softly, "You're going to think it's silly.In a bizarre way Kara liked that, as it confirmed what they had was about more than sex, and this was an important milestone in their relationship. Kara thought, suddenly feeling kind of nervous, but she tried not to freak out. So the only way a real relationship is going to work between us is with 100% honesty. " Kara blushed furiously as she realised what Lena actually wanted, "You want to use my secret identity for kinky sex? "But, I was your friend." Kara blurted out, immediately hearing how stupid it sounded. " Lena cooed, taking Kara's hand, "We don't have to do it tonight. But particularly not tonight, because I'm so tired, and I want to do this right, so we can really make it worth your while.Of course at the same time her girlfriend was incredibly sexy, even when she was tired. "And I wanted to fuck the hell out of you." Lena bluntly replied with another grin, before quickly clarifying, "Of course we don't have too if you think it's crossing a line, but... And you know I will, if you're up for it." There was another long pause, and then Kara took a calming breath and asked, "What did you have in mind?Lois followed him out, but Alex and Maggie didn't leave until a few hours after that, and by the time they left Kara was emotionally exhausted. I thought that went great." Lena smiled softly, then second guessing herself, "Was that not great? " Kara scolded gently, before in her best professional and stern voice added, "To always be honest with each other no matter what." "It's really not fair to use my own words against me." Lena whined petulantly. I'd seen physical evidence that it was true, but you made me doubt it enough that I was actually relieved to be proven right. Which makes you beyond perfect, but I miss my sweet, nerdy little reporter friend." "Ohhhhh." Kara nodded in understanding, before smiling, "So, did you want to do a little role-play where you can tell me all about this new girl you're seeing, and I can play the role of the surprised but totally supportive best friend?Meanwhile Lena was just straight up exhausted, suggesting this would be the first night since they officially got together that they wouldn't have sex. Oh God, did I black out from happiness and say something stupid? You just seem, distracted." Kara pointed out hesitantly. "You were right." Kara said, "We got together under unusual circumstances, and spent the first week of our romantic relationship, and all of our friendship, lying to each other. " "Not exactly." Lena grinned, "But it's funny you should mention role-play..." "Oh!

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" The brief silence was telling, as was the way Alex huffed, "That's not relevant." "Why? I just got scared this morning about her freaking out, but deep down I know she'll welcome it.You meet a nice person, who you ask on a date (or maybe he/she asks you on the date). You make things “official.” Before you know it, you’re both on the road to happily-ever-after. You part ways — and maybe you ghost each other." data-reactid="20"But then you grow up, and the actual dating scene looks a little more like this: You swipe right, and so does he. Nancy Jo Sales announced the fall of classic courtship in her September piece for Vanity Fair, aptly titled, “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse.’” Aziz Ansari’s new book, Modern Romance, details the pains of sifting through piles of electronic choices, only to ultimately come up empty-handed — and disheartened. After all, everyone knows that couple who met on an app or dating site and is now happily hitched.