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If you adopt another standpoint, you may as well believe anything.For example, why don't you believe there is a tiny teapot orbiting between the Earth and Mars? ( ) You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.That's fairly typical for Gordon, he loves making vague innuendos and allusions to things while avoiding saying anything of substance or backed by an argument.This will be followed by bemoaning the standard of debate of such topics, while avoiding any attempts to discuss anything seriously.

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You don't require a belief system to not belief in these things.

In reply to Shani: According to available evidence, life is the product of unintelligent design, or at least a designer who first designed something to smoke.

My two favourite examples from zoology are the giraffe larynx nerve (which, as in mammals with a normal neck it goes down to the vicinity of the heart, and then back up to its target), and the digestive tract of rabbits and hares.

The design challenge is where to put these symbionts.

In ruminants (cows, sheep, and relatives), the stomach is modified, and presto.

In mammals, nutrients can normally only be absorbed in the small intestine (the large intestine basically recovers water).

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