Dating hammond transformer

26-Oct-2020 14:21

The black power transformer would definitely not have been present in a '61 instrument.

If the speakers are dated late '62 then the bench is either not original or the owner got the year wrong by accident while scribbling on the card.

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I am betting that the tone generator capacitors have the dry orange-ish paper tubing exterior, those would be correct for the vintage (they were the intermediate step between the brown/beige wax-coated paper caps and the red mylars that arrived in mid '64.

The serial number would indicate late '62 or '63, I was looking at a '63 A-100 #33550 awhile back.

If this is a '62 or '63, you're in for a treat..vintage is almost always bright and fat with lots of balls.

But it sounds like a late '62 or early '63 box, from what you've described. Todd in Cheesecurdistan [quote user="Blue Olive B3"] FWIW the age list is slightly off with a couple of those...fluted vibrato and reverb knobs were present on '61 instruments, and IIRC all A-100 series had pilot lights from the beginning of their production in 1959, while the rest of the console line got them after that at some point.

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I'm trying to determine the year of manufacture for my A-100. Serial # 31087 Fluted vibrato knob - yes - 62 or later Small Hammond Script - Yes - 65 or earlier Pilot Lamp - yes - 61 or later AO-28 Transformer color - black - mid 62 or later RC Networks - no - 65 or earlier Brown Wax Caps - yes - 64 or earlier AO-28-5 preamp AO-44-1 reverb amp AO-39-1 main amp 6122 Leslie kit Reverb speaker # 575235 - mfd Fall 1962 35th week main speaker # 575240 - mfd Fall 1962 40th week I would say that this is a 1963 A-100 going by all this, however, the oil chart in the bench has the first entry as 1961. I cannot guarantee this bench came with this organ originally, but it looks like original: it's an A-100 bench, and matches the organ color.Another alternate is in the format following: 188-5 69 32 188 is General Electric.