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Some experts estimate his death count might be anywhere between 50 and 150.

Looking back on Alcala’s meandering journey to justice, it has become painfully clear that luck wasn’t the only thing on Alcala’s side — he benefitted in equal parts from his innate intelligence and charm, and from a lax legal system.

Alcala went back to trial, charged not only with the murder of Samsoe, but the murders of Georgia Wixted in 1977, Jill Barcomb in 1977, Charlotte Lamb in 1978, and Jill Parenteau in 1979.

Since then,he has also been convicted of two murders in New York — one committed while he was there with his probation officer’s permission.

The Police Department reached out to the public in an effort to identify the subjects of the photographs, and to determine if they might be unconfirmed victims of Alcala’s murder spree.

In September 2016, the state of Wyoming filed murder charges against Alcala based upon an identification made from one of these photos.

Just like he did to Cheryl Bradshaw on THE DATING GAME, he pulled his victims in with smooth talk about his successful photography career; he got them alone and comfortable by offering to take their portraits.

For many of them, this was the last thing they would ever do.

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The collection includes 120 portraits of unknown women and men taken by Alcala — only a fraction of the photographs the police discovered, as most were deemed too sexually explicit to release.Many people who came into contact with him described him as very charming.