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09-Jul-2020 03:16

Hillary Clinton talked big about the economy, including raising the minimum wage and equal pay for women, at a rally ahead of Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election.

"The economy always does better when there’s a Democrat in the White House," Clinton said March 21 at Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix.

For dating sites, it can be a little more complicated.

Fortunately, these sites aren't necessarily as anonymous as would be adulterers and cheaters would like to believe.

For President Barack Obama, the growth rate in his first term was 1.8 percent. Based on estimates, Weller said Obama should hit the 2.4 percent Republican average.

This takes her out of being equal, especially when it comes to making decisions, and because he is older, she will often get dictated to and assume that he is right or knows best.… continue reading »

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“Investigating the origin of the numbered dates on the chart, notorious for being constantly tweaked,” Thomas explained, “reveals complicated circular reasoning involving deep time age assignments given to certain fossils on the assumption that those fossils were deposited during separate time eras rather than separate areas at nearly the same time.” Thomas says that the rock-dating methods used in these situations are “notoriously unreliable,” since they often return “vastly inflated” age estimates.… continue reading »

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This large free x Hamster Hidden Cam Tube will become the ray of arousing light that will wake your libido and make you feel alive!… continue reading »

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There are 12,000 members, and 5,000 active users on the site at any time.… continue reading »

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