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09-Feb-2020 12:17

I thought she was saying it like that because she thought at one time they were recovering, only to have them slip back. That's what my mom still does to my brother and it bothers me.He hasn't touched anything in about a year and is going strong.I know he has a cyst in his nose that antibiotics have not been able to cure, and he has no insurance. Hi 2zmom Unfortunately another thing to worry about is your daughters health. I'm such a freak and I'm planning on being a therapist. Girlfriend's mom wants to brake-up my relationship. I've got my head on straighter than she does and that's not saying a whole lot. If she doesn't approve of me she can be humane about it and discuss it with me instead of being seedy.I did my own thinking and reading to discover the truth, which was a risky guess on our part, but proved correct. I am not sure what they all are, but the one I finally saw (he usually wears long sleeves) is what looks like either a syringe or a push pin, with the needle pointing at veins just above the wrist on the inside of the arm. Because this guy has done heroin, he obviously had used a needle. my friend amy was the same way, great grades, pretty, fun, a ton of potential. I'm pissing off my girlfriend if she reads this, but I have to release some of this tension before I snap.Atleast they can say they have seen the worst, been to hell and back,.are a better person FOR it. You can't be negative in the sense of always thinking he going to be an addict forever.On this subject, you have proved that ignorance is, indeed, NOT bliss. Scarly changed, New_Wife changed, my brother changed. IF you think the worst, then the first time you see him blow his nose you going to think he snorted something.Lovingly state your health concerns about hepatitis and his state of sobriety (or not) and let it go. It was a great help to her (and I) to hear the advice from experts, and it also taught us how to be strong and to not give in to him.

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Originally posted by Stone I really hope your daughter comes around quickly.

Not saying that people can't recover, they can and they can become great people but it really take ALOT of dedication therapy ect. It seems odd that she would be attracted to someone who led that kind of lifestyle.