Dating a hiv positive guy

24-May-2020 21:51 When One Partner is HIV Serosorting is when gay men choose only sex partners who have the same HIV status they do in an attempt to prevent HIV.

Serosorting is not a guaranteed strategy to prevent HIV transmission, but a lot of guys use it.

The author chronicles the good, the bad and the ugly related to his dating life in order to spark a dialogue about HIV and relationships and to reduce stigma.

HIV Equal offers five tips to prevent HIV from interfering with shared chemistry in a budding relationship.

However this does not mean that you reject a potential partner purely on the basis of his HIV status.

If you are gay and the guy you are dating is HIV positive, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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After ages of denial and discrimination, finally developed societies are waking up to the right to sexuality of its citizens with the result that it has become possible for gays to live and love the person of their choice.So when planning a date keep in mind these restrictions and do not engage in activities that can be tiring or physically dangerous for your partner.To kiss or not The fact that HIV is transmitted through specific body fluids has brought kissing, especially the kind that is known as wet kissing, into focus.Here are some articles and websites to help you think about these questions.

Positively Dating is a blog written by a 30-something gay man living in New York City.The CDC website is quite categorical that the highest concentration of HIV virus resides in blood, semen, vaginal fluid and bodily fluid containing blood.