Dating a forgetful guy

24-Oct-2020 08:04

Clumsy is green with a yellow nose and he has one pair of red shoes. Breuddwyd (Welsh), Ο Κύριος Ονειροπόλος (Greek), Unser Herr Träumerisch (German), Fætter Dagdrøm (Danish), Gubben Dagdröm (Swedish).

at the end, Jack's chicken pox is gone during an extremely long slide down Mount Everest. Cool is published under the title Monsieur Génial in France and Κύριος Καταπληκτικός in Greek. He calls Jack's name from under the hat, and Jack realizes that it wasn't Mr. When the teacher says Jack has been daydreaming, the reader realizes daydreaming is more fun than history! Daydream appears under the titles Monsieur Rêve (French), Don Sonador (Spanish), Meneer Dagdroom (Dutch), 白日夢先生 (Taiwan), 공상씨 (Korean), Mr. Dizzy was dark brown, but as of later printings he is light brown. Dizzy appears under the titles Monsieur Nigaud (French), Ο Κύριος Χαζούλης (Greek), 傷腦筋先生 (Taiwan), 우둔씨 (Korean), Unser Herr Dussel (German), Meneer Suizebol (Dutch), Fætter Dumbum (Danish), מר טושטוש (Hebrew), Senhor Bobo (Portuguese),domnul dus (Romanian).

Cheerful is the second happiest man in the world, next to Mr.

Cheerful appears under the titles Monsieur Joyeux (French), Meneertje Blij (Dutch), Ο Κύριος Κεφάτος (Greek), 開心先生 (Taiwan).

When he wants a job, the best job he can find is walking around and bumping into trees on Mr. His memory is restored when he walks into a tree, causing him to fall into a river. Tickle or Little Miss Helpful is the cause of his accidents. " and "You'll never learn", usually exclaimed when his situation turns bad. Busy cannot stop rushing around, and never sits still. Busy completes everything ten times faster than anyone else could. Busy appears under the titles Monsieur Rapide (French), Don Ocupado (Spanish), Meneertje Druk (Dutch), 빨라씨 (Korean), 勤勞先生 (Taiwan), Ο Κύριος Πολυάσχολος (Greek), Unser Herr Schnell (German), Bay Hýzlý (Turkish).

Bump can't help having accidents: when on holiday, he falls into a deep hole on a beach, goes boating, and falls into the water. Bump to try several jobs for which great care is needed, such as carrying eggs and delivering milk in glass bottles. Often, Little Miss Whoops(his next-door neighbor/little sister), Mr.

Barley's apple orchard, making the apples fall off the trees. Bump Loses His Memory he falls out of his bedroom window and bumps his head, promptly causing him to lose his memory. In the US and UK versions, he is voiced by Paul Greenberg (credited as Aaron Albertus) and Simon Greenall respectively. Bump appears under the titles Monsieur Malchance (French), Don Pupas (Spanish), Meneer Pech/Meneertje Bots (Dutch), Ο Κύριος Σκουντούφλης (Greek), 意外先生 (Taiwan), 꽈당씨 (Korean), Mr.

Bounce is small and bounces around like a rubber ball, making life very difficult for him. Brave is the most courageous person in the world, or so everyone thinks.

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Clumsy is green with a yellow nose and he has one pair of red shoes. Breuddwyd (Welsh), Ο Κύριος Ονειροπόλος (Greek), Unser Herr Träumerisch (German), Fætter Dagdrøm (Danish), Gubben Dagdröm (Swedish). … continue reading »

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