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05-Dec-2019 11:43

A note Poulin wrote afterwards describes his desire to turn around his life and to care for his family members.It is critical of the Veterans Affairs programs, with Poulin saying he'd recover despite alleged shortcomings in PTSD care."[I] am just happy that I am not just going to be another soldier that falls through the cracks of the [expletive] support system they have for vets," says the excerpt.Amidst her grief, Ridley finds herself wondering what happened in the small Nova Scotia town three weeks ago, and concludes no definitive answer is possible."He might have been having flashbacks....The only two people who know what happened are not here," Ridley said in an interview from her home in Sudbury, Ont.

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There are about 5,200 Afghan veterans receiving disability benefits due to PTSD."Second, we can't pretend to know all the factors that are going on in that situation."Although she wouldn't comment on specifics of the case, Heber said a case manager can assign a local therapist to a veteran in a small city like North Bay, and provide oversight of their case.