Dating a cancer woman

16-Jun-2020 14:16

She’s looking for a good life, adventure, freedom, potential and likely, sooner or later, greener pastures. She will ignore his crab-by ways if she gets enough money to keep the good times rolling (his or hers or theirs).

A long trip every now and then goes a long way towards keeping her on the domestic side, though it isn’t appealing to Cancer who wonders, “Why would anyone ever want to leave home?

There’s something about a Cancer man that totally personalizes Sagittarius’ passion.

If there is one partner who can direct her arrow of desire, it is Cancer.

Scorpio will experiment but needs a more sensual approach. Scorpio wants all over caressing, and there's a lot about sensuality that they can teach one another. They need to leave each other alone and learn more as time progresses.

Their personality traits are complementary, and a long lasting relationship can be forged.

I lead from the heart, not the head.” Sound good so far?

Well here are 10 more things to know about a Cancer man in love.

These signs are quincunx one another, different in element, personality and modality [as different as two signs can get]. There is a nice balance of energies that makes a compatible marriage.

As witness Tom Cruise closing in on Katie Holmes, Cancer men are among the most possessive of the zodiac.

Unlike the other two possessive signs we know, Taurus and Scorpio, Cancer tries to bind the person to them with egregious acts of .

” Cancer likes to sleep in his own bed every night while Sag wonders what it’s like to watch an eclipse from Mongolia or slurp real onion soup at 3 am at.

Ask him how he likes the food, if appropriate, or slip into the conversation the one line he’s been waiting his whole life to hear, “What’s your favorite restaurant? “I would love to be the father of your children [after we take that ‘round the world cruise][you’re in such great shape, you’d be a size 10 again in no time][my mom will take care of them so we have plenty of time together].

He hides his feelings so as to avoid being rejected or humiliated.