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22-Feb-2020 09:05

The welcoming party also included Rotary club of Eleuthera President Sherrin Cooper along with Past President Jacqueline Gibson.

These two awesome German Rotarians visited our club during the summer of 2016.

One of the recommendations was to stop the sale of sweet drinks to the students and promote more water consumption.

The benefits of drinking water were emphasized by Nurse Cooper PARTNERED WITH EARLY-ACT CLUB TO HAVE NEW BATHROOM FACILITIES INSTALLED AT SCHOOL The kindergarten class at Emma E.

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Many times one Area of Focus helps and can enter into another.

Cooper Primary School were challenged because of the distance between the classroom and the bathrooms.

In a joint project, Rotary Club of Eleuthera and the Early-Act financed the construction of a bathroom and installation of a new toilet and basin.

We visited clubs where Rotarians and Rotaractors together organized a Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar.

They aimed to educate young men and women and create an awareness that they are in control of their own lives by making good choices allowing them to deal with situations that can become a conflict.

Joining us via Go To Meeting were members of the Rotary Club of East Nassau.

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