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Well not really swim, more like float around in a semi-controlled buoyant propulsion fashion.

• Wanted to add shadows to buildable blocks but couldn’t figure out how, can someone please tell us? • Seriously stop making threads asking about patch notes 4 seconds after the patch goes live, calm down • Game downloading, does anyone have the patch notes? • Patch released today does anyone know what it does • Where are the patch notes • Fire alarm still beeping • Why is the patch so big? • If you want we can zip it, then rar it to make it smaller.

Disclaimer Goat Simulator is a small, broken and stupid game.

It was made in a couple of weeks so don’t expect a game in the size and scope of GTA with goats. - Added more powers - Fixed the hitbox of flappy goat - Poured several buckets full of Optimization™ into the game - Made sure no class differences exists in Goat City Bay - Added tons of achievements - You can now run along walls - You can now run up walls - Stand by for Goatfall - Changed batteries in our fire alarm - The Goats have learned to ride bikes, press R to mount.

- Devs please put the game on a sale so I can save 4 bucks - I don’t like ___, please add an option to remove ___ - Performed Satanic rituals to summon Phil Fish - Plz come back - Actually optimized the game a bit - What use are ladders when you can run on the walls? - We actually bought a stuffed goat head IRL for our office, we have no idea what to do with it. - Killed PC gaming - How long will the patch notes be?

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"At the start, everyone was like ‘That's the dumbest thing we've ever heard, a goat game, are you kidding me,’ but I was relentless and probably a bit annoying and sometime in January I managed to convince people to give the game a spin."Steam support for Goat Simulator, Coffee Stain Studios' upcoming goat-based game, is likely to be "the most defining and important part" of the game, designer Armin Ibrisagic wrote on Gamasutra. - Got 11 points on Flappy Goat; readded Flappy Goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff.

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