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For example, you start off referring to the model as "Product" but then you have this: class Contact : IData Error Info And later you say "That completes our Contact model". NET validator controls to check user input in a Web page.The Add Customer Window is shown below: The custom Text Box XAML code is shown below: As, you can see in the XAML code above the custom Required Textbox contains two validation rules.Both the rules will be triggered on the Lost Focus event. Now, it becomes much easier to apply validation to the Text Box controls.The validation rules collection contains all the validation rules applied to the Text Box input.Now, let's check out the code for the data context changed event where the validation rules are injected into the binding object.The binding object has a validation tools collection which is used to hold the custom validation rules.Finally, the binding is set to the Text Box control which is added to the Dock Panel control.

Let's check out another validation rule which forces a developer too type a numeric input into the Text Box.You will work with some controls that perform all checking automatically, requiring no code.You will also create a custom validator with code that you write, which illustrates how you can add your own logic to the validation framework in the page.The create controls method is used to initialize the Text Box control.

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The validation rules is an observable collection of a validation rule type.The Update Source method of the binding expression will lead to firing the validation rules.