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12-Sep-2020 00:15

I wanted to hold them, but filling in behind me was a tall muscular black man in workout gear.

"Thanks." I said, and watched as she looked at the items in my hand, made a face and turned away. As the items moved forward, the belt had room for my items.

This is the second part to a story and is better when you have read the first.

Just then the boy returned with the price, she finished ringing me up with a "have a fun day." and a smile and my humiliation was over...

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Ive been a contributor and fan of this site for some years now.

Her eyes went from me to the items and back, while she tried to finish ringing up the lady in front of me. "Sorry, this will take just a second." She said smiling, fingering the large vegetable. Looking back to her, she was definitely stroking the cucumber now.

As I made my way down the registers looking at the clerks-DING! Even before she finished the lady in front of me, the smokin hot cashier caught sight of my items on the belt. A perfectly normal question for a cashier to ask, but under the circumstances it felt mocking. "I need you to find the price on these cucumbers." And off he went.

I've tried dozens of times, in different stages of inebriation. Then I found other guys that wanted to show off their wife.

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We know our backstories will be tangled and intertwined.… continue reading »

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