Createuserwizard not validating

03-Feb-2020 19:43

Query String("user") Dim usr As Membership User = Membership. But in the tutorial we looked at enhancing the Login control to display a more appropriate message.

As Figure 4 shows, Chris is shown a message explaining that he cannot login because his account is not yet approved.

Once you have unlocked the user, they will be able to login again.

Figure 5: Dave Has Been Locked Out of the System (Click to view full-size image) The approved status is useful in scenarios where you want some action to be performed before a new user is able to login and access the user-specific features of the site.

Figure 4: Chris Cannot Login Because His Account is Unapproved (Click to view full-size image) To test the locked out functionality, attempt to login as an approved user, but use an incorrect password.

Repeat this process the necessary number of times until the user's account has been locked out.

By default, the Create User Wizard control approves new accounts.

But what happens if a stranger reaches your website, finds the signup page, and creates an account?In the tutorial we constructed a page that listed each user account in a paged, filtered Grid View.The grid lists each user's name and email, their approved and locked out statuses, whether they're currently online, and any comments about the user. Year Check Box is only checked if the user is approved.To prevent this from happening you could move the signup page to an folder, and require that an administrator manually create each account.

Alternatively, you could allow anyone to signup, but prohibit site access until an administrator approves the user account.This tutorial shows how to build a web page for administrators to manage users' locked out and approved statuses.

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