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30-Mar-2020 23:26

I think this song was more for the struggling musician trying to make his or her way in the music business.

I guess Axl in his attempt to spoon out the truth about what’s going on in the lime light can sometimes result in having certain groups of people coming down on your point of view.

Welcome to the Jungle is a street survival song which was going on everywhere but paticularly in the streets of LA.

Trying to make it to your next meal and dealing and wheeling to make some money to survive.

:smoking:it was axl's cultural shock coming from a small country town to a city like l.a.

Guess some are too so used to idle, pointless and stupid speculation and reading about EXITING stuff like frank and pisser tourdates and trying to see if Mysteron knows how many tuesdays theres left til Mayans decide to end the world that when some1 actually tries to use their head while posting a thread its shocking and confusing? No but really, It was very easy to identify with Out ta get me as a teenager.Ofc I am not contributing with much else than negative bullshit either; its just that some of you need to be reminded what you are full of* sometimes. The song just nails the " no one understands me, whole world is against me, wah wah wah"-vibe that comes with the age.When little bit older, I learned grin widely at (in some oddball ironic way) the extremely selfish undertone that keeps being very present through the entire song.Ofc, it too is very fitting considering the nature of the whole teenage- thing: Protagonist is just "innocent" while "they" just push him to corner to get him fight, " they" rape his rights, and when protagonist gets drunk and ends fucking things up, its not really his fault, but the other guy's who bought "that fifth of whiskey"All in all, Out Ta get me has tons of utter and complete refusal of taking responsibility going on. There's no way in hell Axl believes it himself for a second( or expects anyone else to believe..) when he announces I'm fucking innocent..

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Ofc Axl's trubles with law come in mind through this song too; theres very strong antisocial undertone going. It's kinda punk even, almost:p All in all its pretty cool anthem for teenage.I think this song was more for the struggling musician trying to make his or her way in the music business. Taking that night train and disregarding what people might say or write about you because you?