Couchsurfing not dating

03-May-2020 13:35

They have corrected me in mistakes that I needed ironing out, and been very glad to do so.

This side-mission that I have mentioned before is precisely why I chose to live in Prague over a less touristy city in the Czech Republic; there would be less travellers visiting other places.

To make matters worse I was completely forgetting my Spanish, Italian and German (and in fact, I never did get my German back; that will be another 3-month mission some day!

) After all the work I put into speaking these languages, it was depressing that I was back to square one and not even able to piece together basic sentences again!

But I needed to think about my career; working in youth hostels and teaching English were not related to my degree in Electronic Engineering.

There are also the non-linguistic reasons; meet experienced and novice travellers with interesting stories to tell; they can share their culture with you and you can almost feel like you are travelling without ever needing to pack your bag.When locals ask me how to improve their English without travelling I tell them about this site, because there are obviously lots of English speakers who travel with it too.It's ironic, but I've actually learned way more French by hosting Couchsurfers .They get to stay with a local who may show them around, but always gives them a nice place to sleep, and it doesn't cost a penny!

Although I have used it a couple of times to save on money that I would otherwise have spent on a hotel or hostel (and it has been great having a local show me the city) I immediately saw a completely different possible advantage of it when I was signing up, which has been essential for my language learning! You just have to provide them with a place to sleep, show them around your city (if you have time) and give them advice on what to do and what not to miss.

How about we look at it from the host's perspective: You can have a of the language you are learning come and stay in your house for a few days, speak to you only in that language, correct you if you ask them to, cook their country's typical meals for you (providing you buy the ingredients, since they are usually on a tight budget) etc. In fact, thanks to Couchsurfing, I have been able to practise every language that I've learned up to now on a regular basis, no matter where I am in the world.